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                                                                                                                                        The northern most state of the Indian mainland is rightly called "Paradise on Earth". The sparkling rivers, placid lakes, gorgeous gardens and indescribable beauty of nature in the state of Jammu and Kashmir leave you completely speechless. Home to the unparalleled virgin landscapes of Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh, a travel and tourism experience to this joyous state is an unmatchable experience that will leave you feeling cleansed and pure. The City of Lakes, nestles in the heart of one of the loveliest areas of the country, the Kashmir Valley. Srinagar spreads out on the both sides of the river Jehlum. The Valley's beauty has enticed visitors from distant lands. Srinagar bears hallmark of the Mughals, splendid formal gardens laid out by the Mughal emperors for their enjoyment are beautifully maintained. Houseboats on the lake - the British solution to the law that prevented them from owning property, are an exciting alternative to the more traditional hotels.


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Experience Kashmir
Cherish forever the wonderland of Kashmir. Snow capped mountains , sunny gardens, romantic houseboats. The calm serenity of Lakes. A place for great shopping and Golf lovers. You will never want to go to back. A treasure beyond price.

Untouched Ladakh
In spite of the stark beauty of the landscape the people of Ladakh are vibrant and colorful lot. Enjoy the colorful fairs and festivals and revel in the centuries old and splendid living heritage of Ladakh. Its untouched and mysterious on the globe.

City of Temples Jammu
Explore the ancient city of Jammu were the voices from the past speak to the future. Discover the beautiful old temples and shrines and enjoy the scenic sights. You will treasure the memories for a long time.  

New at Culture and Nature Expeditions
River Rafting in Pahalgham and Zanskar rivers. "The Crushing Water Coming Down From The Slopes".
Play Golf in Kashmir in the top most Golf Courses in the world i.e. "Royal Spring Golf Club" & "Kashmir Golf Club".


Welcome to the world of Adventure Travel, CNE STYLE. As  we entered our fifth decade, World peace and the environment are the uppermost in the minds of ourselves and many others. What does travel have to do with either? More than meets the eye on the surface, and thatרere the Art of Adventure Travel comes in. It࡮ artistયb to see beneath the surface, and present the essence of a subject. At CNE, our itineraries are designed and our staff & trek  escorts are chosen, Probably the best available in the Adventure World, with a view to enabling you to get beneath the surface, to gain insights into what the world looks like from the perspective of the local people you are meeting. When you arrive in a new destination, it is natural that it may feel Quaint, exotic and colourful. Our people will make you feel at home even at place 5000 meters above see level. Our idea of travel is one human being meeting another, face face, person person, not tourist native. Our key in this process is getting into areas where the local people have not yet developed the concept of tourist in their mindset. Our concern extends to the Cultural & Natural Environment of the places you visit. As we have lived in many of the places you would be visiting, we share local concern for both Environmental Pollution and Cultural Erosion. Knowing how local mindsets see the world, we are able to assist you to be both culturally and environmentally sensitive during your stay. We believe very strongly that understanding and accord among the peoples of the world can be impacted more positively by such simple people people Interaction than by the Governmental or Commercial Organizations. The work of Sir Edmund Hillary in The khumbu region of Nepal is but one evidence of that belief. Your presence in our wonderful land of mountains & forests, lakes & springs, rivers & glaciers, monuments & Monasteries is going to have an impact on local environment, both natural & cultural. It is in our hands to make that impact a positive or a negative one. If you share our philosophy of travel, and are looking for a Travel Adventure that will take you  inside the hearts and minds of other cultures, while experiences the beauty Of the World, we  invite you to join us for the adventure of lifetime, CNE STYLE.

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  Adventurously Yours,

                                                                                                                        NASIR SHAH (Head - Operations)

Environmental problems are essentially social problems. They begin with man as the cause & end with man as the victim.

"Sir Edmund Hillary"

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